3 Goal Machines and Kings of Assist in Series A

Striker usually wants to score some goals in every match. In Serie A, we can mention some football players who can be called as goal machine. Goal machine refers to football player who is consistent in scoring goals in every match. Actually, every club has goal machine. But, not every football player who is top scorer can be called as goal machine. In Serie A, there are some football players who often score goals, so the football players give positive impact to football clubs that join Series A.


If we need to mention a goal machine in Serie A, we can mention Mauro Icari as goal machine in Serie A for this season. He has good technique and skill in playing football, and he has successfully created 18 goals in 22 matches. His performance can be compared to striker of Lazio named Ciro Immobile. This striker has created 22 goals. But, Icardi has a lack when playing football. As striker, he often wants to score goal by himself ad don’t want to give assist to his partner. When there is a chance, he often scores a goal by himself and doesn’t give a chance to his partner. That is not a big problem because striker needs to score goal as soon as possible.

Today, not every striker is like Icardi. There are some strikers who are called as goal machine but also king of assist. Why? It is because they often score goals and don’t forget their task to give assist to their partner whenever the position is not good. Some football players also ignore about the number of goals should be scored in every match. They just focus on the match and try to give assist whenever it should be done. Who are they? Here are some goal machines and also kings of assist in Serie A for this season:

Ciro Immobile

The performance of Ciro Immobile this season is so special and good. He is not only a goal machine of Lazio, but also king of assist of that club. Yes, he always tries to score goal in every match but also doesn’t forget to create assist for other player. Until today, he has supplied 9 assists in 22 matches. He also scored 22 goals. No wonder if he called as goal machine and also king assist of Lazio. He has good skill and talents in playing football and always be a threat for other clubs.

Ciro Immobile is top scorer and a football player who gives so many assists to his partner in every match. Compare to other king of assist, Ciro Immobile is a football player who gives so many assists. Other kings of assist just give 6 assists in this season, such as Ivan Perisic and Suso. There is a reason of good technique had by Ciro Immobile. Coached by Simone Inzaghi, Immobile allowed playing free and drabble ball in various spots to break rival’s defense. So, Lazio will be a club which has balance [performance because every player of Lazio has a chance to score goals. The technique of Immobile often used by other players, but not every striker can be top scorer and king of assist, like Ciro Immobile.

Dries Mertens

Dries Mertens is also a goal machine of Napoli in Series A for this season. Same with Ciro Immobile, Mertens has best performance in Serie A. He has scored some goals and also assists. In Serie A, he has scored 15 goals and 6 assists from 25 matches. If his assist accumulated with other assist created by him in other championship, he has created 12 assists. The most valuable assist created by this player is when Napoli faced Sampdoria in Giornata 18. Mertens gave assists to Lorenzo Insigne and Marek Hamsik. Because of his assist, Napoli was succesfully become a winner although the club defeated by Sampdoria in the first round.

In 2013, Mertens has become football player of Napoli. In 2013, he created 15 assists. It means that Mertens is a king of assist of Napoli. He is such as good football player because he is not doubt to give assists to his partner when Napoli faced various rivals in Serie A and other championship. No wonder if he called as goal machine and king of assists. He becomes talented football player which becomes gun of Napoli and threat for Napoli’s rival.

Fabio Quagliarella

Fabio Quagliarella is a striker of Sampdoria. He is so talented and able to create goals and assist in Serie A. For Sampdoria, Quagliarella is so talented and becomes one of best football player of Sampdoria. In Serie A, he has created 17 goals and 5 assists from 24 matches. Because of his best performance, Sampdoria has good position in Europe League. Sampdoria is in number 6 with 41 points. Fabio has stabile technique and always gives assist whenever his position is not good to score goals. So, he is able to create a chance for bringing Sampdoria to get victory in some championships. This striker also comments his performance in Serie A. According to him, it will be extraordinary if he can be top scorer, but there are other players who deserve it too.

Quagliarella will always show best performance to be top scorer in some championships. In 2016/2017 period, he only scored 12 goals and 4 assists. But, today he looks so brilliant and shining because he can score more than his record last season. Even, he has received award from fans of Sampdoria. Sampdoria also needs this player for next season. Let’s we see what will happen in the next season. The conclusion is, Fabio Quagriarella is a football player needed by Sampdoria because he often scores goals and creates assists.

There are other football players who can score goals add assists, but the players above are so shining in Serie A. They are talented football players who give chance to other players for scoring goal. So, no wonder if the club needs the players like them because they can give positive impact to the club. Goal machines and kings of assist are always able to bring their team to victory.

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