4 Best Playmakers in Serie A That You Must See

Serie A is one of prestigious championships today. Many clubs want to join the championship and try to be the best club in Serie A. If we watch performance of every club in Serie A, we will know that every club has talented football players, especially talented defender and striker. By having talented football players, a club will have a chance to be the winner of Serie A. In this season, there are some clubs which have playmakers. What is playmaker?


Playmaker refers to football players who have good technique when playing football. Playmakers give so many good impacts to a football clubs. They can also bring their clubs to be the winner. A playmaker can control and dribble ball perfectly, supplies assist to striker, and also creates goal. Playmaker can influence the speed of other players when playing football. In Serie A, there are some football players who can be called as playmaker.

Since long time ago until today, we can find so many playmakers in Serie A. For example, we can mention some playmakers in 1990 era. In this era, some playmakers in Serie A are Zinedine Zidane, Zvonimir Boban, Manual Rui Costa, and Juan Sebastian Veron. We can also mention some playmakers in 2000 era, such as Andrea Pirio, Pavel Nedved, Ricardo Kaka, and Francesco Totti. How about this season? Is there any playmaker in Serie A for this season? Actually, we can also mention some playmakers in Serie A for this season, such as below:

luis alberto form lazio

Luis Alberto

Luis Alberto is a striker of Lazio. He is successfully shows best performance in this season. He is not only good in creating assist, but he is usually successful in scoring goals. Until today, he could score 7 goals and create 9 assists in 25 matches. He could also create 1 goal and 2 assists in UEFA Europa League when playing in 6 matches. Lazio recruited him with cheap transfer value. But, he can give so great impact for Lazio. In the first season, Alberto was so difficult to be the part of main team in Lazio. But, he always tries to show the best performance in every match. So, he becomes one of talented football players who is recruited by The Spanish National Team on November 11, 2017. He finally debuted as football player of Spanish National Team and has a chance to play in World Cup if his performance is still consistent. With his good technique, we may be able to see him in World Cup that will be held soon.

gaston ramirez

Gaston Ramirez

People and media may not often talk about Gaston Ramirez. He is so rare to be talked and involved with famous club. But, his performance in this season is so good and need to be appreciated by many people. In 24 matches, this playmaker could score 2 goals and 10 assists. He is talented and experienced playmaker because he has ever been in Premier League. He has becomes playmaker in some football clubs, such as Southampton, Hull City, and Middlesbrough. From 94 matches, he could score 9 goals and create 13 assists in Premier League. So, Serie A is not a strange thing for this playmaker. No wonder if he becomes one of best playmaker of Serie A for this season. Actually, Gaston Ramirez in not only one of best playmaker in Serie A for this season, but he often creates hat-trick in Serie A. No wonder if Ramirez becomes one of best playmaker in Serie A.

josip llicic

Josip Ilicic

Josip Ilicic is other best playmaker in Serie A for this season. He is not only a playmaker, but also a goal machine. Yes, he is able to score goals and assists. From 30 matches, he could score 11 goals and 8 assists in Seria A and UEFA Europa League. In this season, he shows best performance in Atalanta. No wonder if he becomes a part of main team of Atalanta. He joined Serie A in 2010 when he was recruited by NK Maribor. He becomes one of talented player in NK Maribor for 3 seasons, but he decided to leave that club and joined Florentina. He joined this club for 4 seasons and successfully created 37 goals and 19 assists in 138 matches. After that, he decided to join Atalanta and finally becomes one of top playmaker in Seria A for this season. Ilicic has good technique and skill when playing football. He doesn’t have any fear when facing other clubs and football players. He is so easily to take the ball from other football players. Finally, he can create goals and also assists.

miralem pjanic

Miralem Pjanic

Juventus is very lucky because that club has Miralem Pjamic as best playmaker. Pjanic has good technique and skills. He can kick accurately and dribble ball consistently. He can also execute free kick well. In Juventus, he always works hard with his partner, Paulo Dybala. Their technique is really great and awesome. Sometime, defender and goal kipper of other club feel so worry whenever facing Miralem Pjanic and Paulo Dybala. Miralem Pjanic and Paulo Dybala always becomes a threat for other clubs. So, no wonder if Miralem Pjanic is one of best playmaker in Serie A for this season. With Juventus, he has scored 5 goals and created 10 assists in Serie A and Champions League. Miralem Pjanic has ever been recruited by AS Roma, and it makes him becomes experienced football players. Although he often gets injuries, but he always tries to show best performance in every league or championship.

Actually, there are other players who have good technique and skill in plying footballs. But, the players mentioned above are so shining in Serie A for this season. A playmaker can bring a club to the victory. So, being playmaker is a will of many football players. Some playmakers mentioned above have been successful in showing their skill and talent. But, the list of best playmaker may be changed in the next season. We just need to watch Serie A and look at a player who has best technique and skill. That player is called playmaker and will be the threat for other football clubs in Serie A.

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