4 Talented Football Players for Italian National Team

National team of every country always has talented football players. Are you a fan of Italian National Team? If so, you may feel so regret because Italia failed to join World Cup 2018. It is so bad because Italia often joins World Cup, but the team failed to join it in this year. Don’t worry because we know that World Cup will be held in four years later. Although Italian failed, Italian National Team has talented football players. It means that Italia has a hope in the future. Some talented football players of Italian National Team will be supported by many Italian and hoped to make Italian National Team is successful in the future.

Actually, Italia has ever failed to join World Cup in 1958 and 1930. So, no wonder if failed in World Cup 2018 is so worst for this team. But, we need to keep our positive thinking toward this team. The team still has some talented football players could bring the team to some victories this season. The players predicted will give positive impact to the team, and finally the team will have a chance to get various prestigious titles. Who are the players that will give positive effect to Italian National Team in the future?

Patrick Cutrone

Patrick Cutrone is one of talented football players had by Italian National Team. He often shows his talents when facing his teams’ rival. Yes, he is a player of AC Milan, and he always shows his best performance with AC Milan. You may adore this player because he is so talented although he is so young. He is 20 years old football player who will give positive impact to Italian National Team in the future. AC Milan relies on him so much, and it means that Italian National Team will also rely on him in the future. In Serie A, he could score 6 goals. If his goals accumulated with the goals in other championship, his goals are 13 goals. If he can play consistently day by day, there is possibility for him to play as Italian National Team’s player and brings that team to the victory in some leagues in the future, includes World Cup. agen sbobet terpercaya

Gianluigi Donnarumma

Gianluigi Donnarumma is a goalkeeper of AC Milan. He is also predicted will be the part of Italian National Team. In this season, Italian National Team may be so sad because Gianluigi Buffon will leave the team. But, fans of Italian National Team don’t need to worry because Gianluigi Donnarumma is ready to replace Buffon’s position in the team. Actually, Donnarumma is a talented football player. AC Milan always relies on him in every match. He is very young when he becomes goalkeeper of AC Milan. Yes, he is a 19 years old goalkeeper who often gives positive impact to AC Milan. Even, many clubs are interested in recruiting him, such as Real Madrid. No wonder if he is predicted to be Italian National Team’s player in the future who is ready to play well in prestigious championships, such as World Cup. This season, hehas successfully gotten 9 clean sheets from 26 matches. He is also known as a goal keeper who has 94% successful catch.

Bryan Cristante

Bryan Cristante is also a player who will give positive impact to Italian National Team in the future.. He is a young football player who acts as striker of Atalanta today. In Atalanta, Cristante often shows his best performance. No wonder if he becomes one of football players who is relied by Atalanta and Italian National Team. He often scores goals in some leagues. Since becomes part of Atalanta, he has scored 10 goals, and 3 goals created by him in UEFA Europa League. His performance will make Italian National Team want to recruit him. Actually, Cristante is not only talented in scoring goals. He also often creates assist in every match, and every assist is accurate. There is possibility for this player to join Italian National Team in the future and brings that team to the victory in some leagues and championships. With his talent in scoring goals and creating assist, he will be shining football player who is ready to play as Italian National Team’s player in the future.

Davide Calabria

Italia always has so many talented defenders. Davide Calabria is one of talented defenders had by Italia. He can play in various areas, so he can create best defense whenever his team faces rivals. He is a player of AC Milan and always tries to show best performance in every match. AC Milan relies on him in every match because he is good defender that often saves the team in a match. With his skills as defender, he often block rival’s player who want to break the defense of his team. No wonder if he is predicted to be player of Italian National Team. With his skills and talent, he will give positive impact to Italian National Team. So, we can conclude that Calabria has possibility to join Italian National Team in the future. He is so young when becoming player of AC Milan. Yes, he is 21 years football player who will be ready to be best player in the future. He is also experienced football player because he has ever become player of National Team in junior level.

Well, those are some players who are predicted will be the players of Italian National Team. The players mentioned above have possibility to join Italian National Team because they have talents and skills. If they can play consistently and always learn to be best football players every day, they will be so easy to join Italian National Team in the future. There is other player who is predicted to join Italian National Team. The player if Alberto Cerri. This 21 years old football player often scores goals in some leagues. He was successful in scoring 12 goals in Serie A. If this player can improve his performance, he will be able to join Italian National Team with the players mentioned above.

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